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How many smoke alarms do you need for protection? 

Almost every day, a working smoke alarm can save someone's life.

Is your smoke alarm operational?

Are you wondering what type of alarm to buy?

Test your smoke alarms at least once a month by using the alarm's "Test Button" or an approved smoke substitute and clean the units in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.


Install new batteries in all smoke alarms at least once a year.


The Bureau of Fire Safety reminds you to check the alarm batteries on the day before Daylight Savings Time

to remind you to "Change your Clock, Change your Battery".


When the alarm chirps - it is warning you that the battery strength is low and needs replacing.


Replace all smoke alarm batteries immediately when you move into a new home to insure they are operational.


Do not pull the batteries out of your smoke alarm because they are annoying. There are units available with an alarm silence button for errant alarms (like smoke from burnt toast). These alarms automatically reset after a brief period to allow the sensing unit to remain active.


Additional information can be found at Smoke Alarm Manufacturers' Web Sites:

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