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- Escape Planning -


Do you know two ways out of your home? Do you actively practice fire drills in your home? Where is your meeting place, once you have exited the home?


Please make sure your whole family knows the answers to these questions.

                                                                                                                                                      Escape Planning Information Sheet

Do you know who EDITH is?
Exit Drills IThe Home


In designing your Escape plan, keep the following in mind.

  • List all possible escape routes from your home.

  • Have two escape routes from each sleeping area.

  • Don't guess. Practice each escape routes.

  • Draw a floor plan of your home.

  • This should be posted with the emergency number on a bulletin board to alert guests and babysitters of the escape routes.

  • Include all windows, doors, outdoor roof, balcony, and decks in the drawing.

  • Decide on a meeting place outside, mark it on the floor plan and make sure everyone is in agreement on where to meet.

  • Know your local emergency number 9-1-1 and mark it on the escape plan.

  • Walk through the escape plan with your family. 

  • Contact the Bureau of Fire Safety if you want to go over your fire escape plan with a fire inspector. 

  • Hold a fire drill at least once every six-months.

Escape Planning Information        

Escape Planning Grid

EXITS - Stores

Do you ever wonder where the EXIT is when you enter a building?

Take note the next time! 

Could you get to this EXIT if the store/restaurant/motel lost power and it was dark?

The Exit Signs are required to illuminate for a short period of time if there is a power failure. Do not hesitate to evacuate to your nearest fire exit in the event of a power failure or fire.

Most commercial occupancies are required to have one illuminated exit sign at the entrance and required exits from the store. 

fire extinguisher 1.gif

Class A-Ordinary combustibles
Class B-Flammable Liquids
Class C-Energized Electrical Equipment
Class D-Metals


P Pull Pin
A Aim at Base of Fire
S Squeeze Trigger
S Sweep Side to Side



Dry Chemical (Tri-Class) ABC handheld extinguishers, good for:

  • Ordinary Combustibles

  • Flammable Liquids

  • Energized Electrical Equipment


CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

  • Flammable Liquids

  • Energized Electrical Equipment


Water Extinguisher 

  • Ordinary Combustibles

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