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Courtesy of the Office of the Massachusetts State Fire Marshal


In Brick Township, several fires have occurred in residential homes because of the misuse of candles.


Incident Scenario #1: 
The power went out in the home and the homeowners used a candle to light their way through the house. They placed the candle next to the kitchen (next to the dishcloths and paper towels) and walked into the next room. The flame, within seconds had ignited the combustibles and the homeowner and occupants of the home were in danger. Luckily they remembered their fire safety escape route and did not attempt to extinguish the fire but instead got out of the home safety and called 911 from a neighbor's house.


Incident Scenario #2:
Another incident involved a candle light for the fragrance and ambiance. The homeowner had thought they had blown out the candle and went up to bed. The flame was not completely extinguished. It ignited the material next to it. Luckily the smoke alarm sounded and the homeowner was able to get safely out of the home and called 911.


Incident Scenario #3:
Another involved a juvenile lighting a candle while in their room. They placed the candle on their nightstand, then went about talking on the phone and watching TV. They were called downstairs by their parents. They rushed out of the room, closed their door but forgot about the candle. The family left the house to go to the store. The candle burnt down (it was only on a paper plate) and ignited the nightstand and then the bed. Because the juvenile closed the door to the room, the fire was contained to only that room. There was extensive damage to the juvenile's room but the family was safely out of the home.

How could these incidents have turned out differently?

Always have a flashlight on hand with fresh batteries to use in case there is a loss of power, not a candle


Place candles in a safe area - remembering the Candle Circle of Safety


Extinguish candles when you leave the room

These people escaped serious injury or death because they knew their escape route, acted quickly and reported the fire as soon as they were away from the danger.


Do you know what to do? Call the Brick Bureau of Fire Safety at 732-458-4100 if you would like someone to go over your family's escape plan with you or if you have any questions.

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