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- Joint Board of Fire Commissioners -

The persons responsible for maintaining your fire protection are Brick Township's Fire Commissioners. In reality, the Fire Commissioners' history began in 1927 with the organization of the first fire department in Brick. At that time, the men had no titles. They were only Township residents interested in fire protection for the community. In 1927, the Township Committee set up the first fire district, which covered the entire Township.


Three years later, as the population increased and a second fire company was founded, the Township was subdivided into two districts. In 1936, it was divided again into its present three districts.


Nine years after the organization of the first fire company, the Township recognized the need for an experienced group to coordinate and provide for the Township's fire needs. On August 10, 1936, the first ordinance was passed that provided for three fire commissioners for each of the three fire districts. The number was increased to five commissioners per district in 1940.


Each Board of Fire Commissioners is responsible for the fire protection of all people, buildings, and property in its district. They are also responsible for evaluating and meeting their respective fire district's needs. This includes the purchasing of all firefighting equipment and apparatus, maintenance & repairs, insurance, and appropriate training.


The Fire Commissioners, Township public servants, are elected by the voters in their respective fire districts. These dedicated men & women work hard to provide the best fire protection at the most reasonable cost to you, the citizens of Brick Township.


Please visit each Districts page, Fire District #1Fire District #2 and Fire District #3 for current Board members and contact information.

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