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- About the Academy -

Brick Township is one of the three state-approved fire training facilities in Ocean County. This facility is owned and operated by the Joint Board of Fire Commissioners to provide joint and cooperative training.  This training is conducted by local firefighters who are State Certified Fire Instructors lead by the Fire Training Center Director. 


Situated on some 30 acres in the northern section of the Township, the Fire Training Academy allows organized training evolutions to be accomplished, allowing firefighters to meet or exceed current training standards and keep up with the latest technology.


Almost every possible firefighting situation can be duplicated at the training center. The current four-story burn building has propane-fueled fire simulators and a smoke maze.  A mayday simulator and forcible entry simulator are just a few additional evolutions that are conducted. 


Additional classroom space is the most recent addition to the training facility. This classroom facilities are used to host formal sessions of training where firefighters are instructed in the most modern techniques of firefighting and the use of special equipment.

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