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- Brush Fires -

Do your part to prevent brush fires, keep brush cut back from your property.

Raking Grass

When it is time to rake your leaves, don't leave them in a pile in the front of your yard. Fires have occurred because of cars parking over a pile of leaves. The heat from the car's exhaust can ignite the leaves and ultimately the car.


Contact Brick Township Public Works for leaf pickup schedules 732-451-4061 or visit their web site


Leaves can also be ignited when a poorly discarded cigarette/cigar is thrown out a car window.

How can brush fires occur?
Some occur because of lightning strikes. But more occur because of human error. A discarded lit cigarette, a campfire left unattended or not fully extinguished, and others may be intentionally set.

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It's true, only YOU can prevent forest fires -

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