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Would you like to join The Breton Woods Fire Company?

If you are considering joining the Breton Woods Fire Company # 1, you will be required to pass an oral interview and background check.  Once passing your interview you will be sent to the Fire District Physician for a physical examination and a drug-screening test.   An online psychological evaluation is also done.  These are mandatory for all applicants. The Board of Fire Commissioners Fire District #1 will pay for your evaluation and physical exam.  


Once passing your physical examination and approval of the Board of Fire Commissioners you will then be accepted as a member of the Breton Woods Fire Company #1.


After becoming a member of the fire company you will be required by state law to attend a Firefighter I program to receive training as a new recruit. You will receive training in the basics of firefighting along with EMS First Responder, CPR, Hazardous materials.


All of your training in conducted under the direction of the Fire Chief. Training and education is provided and paid for by the Board of Fire Commissioners.


If  you would like to volunteer your time and help your community click on our membership application Icon, and fill out the application. Once you have completed the application, including signature by three references, print it out and contact our Membership Committee to set up a meeting for your interview (see the Welcome Letter icon below for more information).

Volunteer Membership Policy

The Board recognizes the need and importance for continual recruitment of Volunteers in order to carry out the Board's mandated responsibilities to provide fire prevention, protection and prevention of fires within the District.  The Board further recognizes the New Jersey State Firemen's Association has an age limitation on new fire fighters.  The Board finds adherence to said age limitation detrimental to the Fire District and therefore waives same provided the fire fighter remains under the maximum age established by Township Ordinance.


Waiver of the age limitation does not, however, waive the physical requirements established by the New Jersey State Firemen's Association which must be passed by each new volunteer.  Any Volunteer accepted beyond the New Jersey State Firemen's Association age limitation shall be required to execute a Release indicating he/she will not be entitled to New Jersey State Firemen's Association benefits.

Residency Policy

The Board recognizes the importance in recruiting and maintaining volunteers to carry out its mandated responsibilities.  The Board likewise recognizes the need to set certain standards for volunteers.


To effectively operate the District, the Board recognizes the need to control qualifications of the volunteers.  Therefore, the Board requires that all volunteers reside within the Fire District at the time of application.


The Board further requires that all Fire Officers shall reside within Fire District 1 during their term of appointment.  The Board further reserves unto itself the right to promulgate rules and regulations to effectuate this policy.

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