- Fire Training Academy -

The mission of the Brick Township Fire Training Academy is to better prepare and enable all Emergency Services personnel to do their job regardless of the wide variety of situations they may be confronted with. This is accomplished by providing the most current, high quality, safe and realistic fire and rescue training available.

Located at 500 Herbertsville Road, the Brick Township Fire Training Academy includes a 4-story burn building/smokehouse with live fire simulator, a propane-fed fire pit, two roof simulators, a multi-story maze, and a 60-student classroom. On the horizon are an Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC), additional fire simulators in the burn building, a propane-fed vehicle fire simulator, and a technical rescue training area.


The Training Center provides training for Brick Township's firefighters, as well as firefighters from surrounding towns and counties.


INTERESTED STUDENTS - Please see Upcoming Courses and Registration Information for additional information.

OUTSIDE FIRE DEPARTMENTS interested in use of the site for your own training and drills, please see Use of Facility.

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